Mass protests of doctors, perturbed negligible additional payments for work with coronavirus patients, swept through Russia.

it would Seem that Putin had heard and immediately responded to pay doctors for the time spent with immediate covenyi patients in krohoborskie calculating minutes and seconds, but for the fact such a dangerous operation.

one of the doctors, wanting to save money, do not understand the decree of Vladimir Putin, those engaged in law enforcement. Anyway, as promise the regional authorities.

But there seems to be a fair decision, as it turned out, also lies the catch.

“the Money really came in 15th, as the President ordered, but we figured, still not all,” says one doctor redeveloped for coronavirus clinics. He asked not to mention name and city. – Had to pay 80 thousand without reference to the worked days and hours. This is what Putin said yesterday the whole day in the news. We have the same for those who work from mid-April, gave 50 thousand rubles, who came after the 20th – 42 thousand. Of course, this is more than many others, complain, but not all that is promised… People are so confused. People are tired, exhausted, one day off and then again on a multi-day shift in the “red zone.”

of Course, in comparison with other Russian cities, where physicians actually received from 27 rubles per month (Kozelsk) to 259 rubles (Vladimir) – in Metropolitan areas like doctors are not offended, however, many attached to major hospitals with COVID-19 until June, are already talking about not wanting to renew contracts. Life is more expensive.

Irkutsk, Kaluga, Astrakhan, Vladimir, Yekaterinburg.

Then everywhere, the entire Russian geography, 1/6 of the land.

“friend of Mine in Solikamsk went to two confirmed the challenge and received a total of 100 rubles,” – said Larisa Tarasova from the Perm region.

so far, no criminal proceedings and punishment of specific culprits of non-payment no. High – fired the lowest management on the ground of the doctors in the two hospitals who have committed violations. In Kozelsk and Armavir. “Of course, this is ridiculous, such decisions are not made at the level of medical facilities. Everything from the top down” – anonymous comment on professionals.

that has left his post as chief doctor of the Kozelsk on the third hospital, may 15, said the public Kaluga Ministry of health. The reason for the incorrect calculation of the allowances.

the Administration of the hospital explained the insignificance of benefits to those that are only following orders. But on whose orders?

Chief physician of the city hospital of Armavir Sergey Smirnov also lost his job due to defects associated with coronavirus allowances.

As reported in the press service of the head of Krasnodar region, on the surface��do in Armavir began work the Commission of regional Ministry of health. According to preliminary data, the facts of violations are confirmed.

Deputy Governor Anna min’kova noted that Smirnov will be removed within 24 hours.

the Ministry of health region also said that the money intended for payments to physicians working with patients COVID-19 were transferred to all institutions in a timely manner. In addition, each chief physician was requested to explain to the staff the timing and order of their delivery.

Showdown in the Armavir hospital began, after the demonstration flashmob Ambulance workers. Employee in a uniform of blue suits lined up in a staggered manner as a charge and loudly chanted: “We have not received the promised payments. No doctors, no paramedics or nurses. No. Penny, penny”.

a Voice crying in the wilderness – without this shows, apparently, the Kremlin did not hear, but why are the people who are actually risking their lives, rescuing strangers, and even now must beg for hard-earned?

Why these punctures have not lost their positions, no one official on the ground?

in Chechnya, on the contrary: doctors and nurse Central hospital Gudermes district had yet to apologize to the authority for their claim the lack of personal protective equipment.

at First, doctors publicly said that their hospital is not ready to receive infected Covid-19. And then said that he cheated – no bulk. I don’t think they were exaggerating, we all know that for anything to complain about in Chechnya itself is more expensive, most likely, it was a gesture of despair… And he was not heard. I mean, there were all punished.

Complete silence. Including chanting of Armavir doctors, as a voice crying in the wilderness

“didn’t He just filed lists”: Kuban authorities explained that fire the head physician of the hospital in Armavir.

“every hospital agreements for additional money. The physician passes a list of employees who have worked with infected patients, calculated the amount of payments shifts. Accordingly, the chief doctor in April was supposed to perform on the basis of data for municipal education for infected people who from faced COVID-patients. That is, in the ambulance he looks: maybe, the team went out and brought a patient with a coronavirus. That this team gets into the agreement, and the physician expects them additional money. Here he just has not filed these lists. Don’t know his arguments, we will all find out – the process play out”.

okay, the doctor because of forgetfulness or a desire to save not submitted lists of doctors, and why are the officials not asked not asked about the money, Putin has not yet ordered?

And affects not only those who work directlyon in “red zones”, the staff of conventional medical institutions of Yekaterinburg also stated that dissatisfied with the salary, as it is with the beginning of the pandemic was much less for the 14-hour duty staff at one of the hospitals received a total of… 1700 rubles. Previously, six-hour shifts were paid in the amount of two thousand.

Those hospitals that are not formally converted by the patients from COVID-19, do currently face a difficult situation, their problems simply do not pay attention, although the load increased. Because where before only took their patients now come from all around – the rest of a medical institution become covenyi.

despite the fact that the risk of infection with coronavirus in any ordinary clinic, public or private, are still clearly high. Healthy hospitals today do not go.

“I wrote about how the doctors were infected in a psychiatric hospital PKB n 1 im Alekseev, only after publishing and social media April 27, there began to appear a mask. Prior to this, the psychiatrists were forced to work entirely without protection, massively sick. What? By the way, my husband is a doctor and the rest, all very hard to bear, while not considered that they worked with Kovalam! We are told that anyone, no payment is necessary, as the psychiatric hospital!!!!” – posted by Galina Nevolina, whose husband is still lying with severe pneumonia. Therefore, she is not afraid to speak the truth, have nothing to lose.

This all is happening in Russia. How do they have? The nurses in German hospitals, for example, now pay two thousand euros a month, not only working with patients with COVID-19, but also in nursing homes where a high risk of infection.

Senior medical staff receives from 4 million allowances. Angela Merkel personally oversees the allocation of these funds from the state budget, and not before, as people in desperation go out and shout: “We have not received a penny, nor a penny.”

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