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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Coronavirus: in this year no more Tennis? View

It is at the beginning of April and the Coronavirus attacks continue regardless of losses to themselves. In the meantime, over a Million...

These are the 10 biggest planes in the world – view

10. Saunders-Roe SR.45 Princess – span 66,90 meters took off As the Princess 1952 first flight, she was the largest all-metal flying boat...

It comes to the Revolution in Swiss football – view

The Swiss ice hockey is facing a stress test. The termination of the season will cost the clubs budgeted revenue for the current...

Driving report: BMW M8 Gran coupe Competition – view

What this model variant? We wondered that, as BMW announced its M8 Gran coupe. However, the Gran coupe in Munich are almost as...

Kia Sorento: All the info on the new seven-seater SUV – view

family vans with seven Seats are on the descending Branch. New Trend: SUVs with third-row seat in US-Style. Ford pulls makes it in...

Auto-Quiz: do you Recognize these models without the Front Logo? View

a Typical radiator grille, the headlamps with distinctive Daytime running lights, air holes, Spoiler, beading and edges: On the Front to give the...

5 everyday-myths of E-mobility – view

Many common environmental myths to E-mobility are prejudices. Because: E-cars are in most cases actually more environmentally friendly than cars with internal-combustion engine....

Corona-crisis: Van Eck takes care of his mom (94) – view

In may, a year ago, assistant coach René Van Eck (54) has dissolved in the FCZ his contract. "For family reasons", it was...

Letter of a French quarantine in South Korea

The ambulance multiplies the tails of fish, smoothly, as smooth as the mermaid, which opened up the boulevards of Seoul in this...

Papa Matthias dead: Andreas Glarner shaped his sons – view

The swing king mourns the death of his father. Matthias Glarners Papi Andreas died after an infection with the Coronavirus at the age...