it is Finished: after the wearing of protective masks and gloves in public places has become mandatory, these accessories have got almost everything, who even in the age of coronavirus out of the house. In this regard, there is a sea of questions. How are you? What do you prefer — disposable or reusable, color, size? Finally — very important — how disposed? Because medical protective equipment has always been considered separate categories of waste, and particularly hazardous (group b). To find out, the correspondent of “MK” wearing a regular knit reusable mask manufacturing hosiery plant-the giant — and went on public places.

There are people in masks, there are people without. On the street, in a sense. There is an elderly woman with grocery bags from the store: the entire bottom face, as expected, covered with a white medical mask. That’s it (but not with her) is a man of about fifty — this without any masks or gloves, just. For them (all this for a noble distance, one and a half meters more for sure!) — student couple holding hands. Her mask with prints in the style of anime, it’s just black. Gloves on anyone not.

But the grocery “cluster”: one supermarket, and more “for the people”, and there are smaller ones and “conscious and healthy.” The approach is also different, accordingly the audience. At the entrance to the smaller man is the employee in full “gear” and naturally do not let those to whom there is no mask. And requires to wait, if the store seven or eight people. In a large and “popular” store, everything is easier: come yourself, choose. No one on the mask and gloves especially not looking. And social distance — a subject of care of themselves “distanciruemsa”. “Young man, stand over there!” almost growling roar a petite woman for a man about twice his size, hurrying to put their products on the tape immediately after it.

— wears a Mask almost all, — tells Valentine, the cashier. Gloves half buyers. Another thing is that many mask are there, but the lowered chin. Yes, I would most so like, I wear glasses and the mask to sit the entire shift is horrible. Glasses constantly fog up and stuffy. Would rather it all end!

the Propaganda and the obvious seriousness of the epidemic (as well as the promised fines) still worked: masks have been part of our lives. “Wear in the shops — confirms 38-year-old Maria. — Will not throw away because of money on a regular shift this happiness I do not allocate”.

However, thoroughly for the protection of the fits, perhaps, a minority of Muscovites. Much more suitable selectively. “In the store or in the Elevator is wearing a mask, shield and gloves, says 50-year-old Elena. — On the street and in the car all removed, hands and gloves occasionally treated sanitys��rum”. Motivation is not only comfort, but above all, thrift.

— Gloves, to be honest, a pity to waste, so put on circumstances, — says 42-year-old Alina. — The shop is usually Yes. And masks have long been made reusable, so why would not wearing. On the street, of course not. If no gloves, I always have sanitizer so no problem.

Muscovites have learned to wash and iron a disposable mask and gloves. “That, and the other reusable textiles — come home and immediately wash with soap and water”, — tells 35-summer Maria. “I navypuskal nitrile gloves 20 pieces, and now regret — rise in price, says 44-year-old Faith. — We will wash and dry”. “The mask is reusable, it is treated with steam iron, — shares his experience of 52-year-old Anna. Gloves were previously dumped, now carefully take off, wash and dry my”.

But it’s the people, confident that the protection mask and gloves required. And there are many those who are not convinced. Or just neglects mask mode — just like the old drivers did not recognize the seat belts and throw them from “cops”, for decoration. If you go to any large supermarket is a low-class, you can see dozens of such people: they wear a mask “without a nose” (that is only on the mouth), or do you hold under the chin, or wearing a moment at the entrance (after all, the guards in some networks really “chase” ago) and almost immediately removed.

— work Gloves, knit use, — says 39-year-old Natalia. The mask you wear in the shop to mind, but at the first opportunity pull: glasses sweat and itchy nose.

If you ask people how they get rid of used masks and gloves, you can get one of two answers. Or “throw in the regular trash can/bucket”, or “not thrown away, because the mask and gloves I use repeatedly”. The paradox is that the rules and even the letter of the law option number 1 is a serious violation of medical waste (such as used personal protective equipment) must be disposed of through a pipe, without contact with the household waste.

— In any medical institution there are two channels of waste: waste of A class, which can be disposed of as ordinary household waste, and wastes of class B, is more dangerous — said the “MK” Elena, administrative officer of the Moscow district clinics. — To class B since they are including used doctors mask and gloves. Such waste is required to send under a separate contract for disposal by incineration. There is, however, a possible exception: they can be attached to a conventional debris grade And, if decontaminated, that is, to hold for quartz. Such Sanitary regulations and norms. Ordinary citizens can posovetovat�� to use quartz used gloves and masks “wholesale” if there are houses a quartz lamp, and if not — accumulate and then when it’s over, be attributed to utilization of the clinic.

in the meantime thrown away after visiting the shops of masks and gloves may cheerfully rolls cold wind — you can see them on all the sidewalks, especially around supermarkets. The problem of proper disposal numerous means of individual protection, it seems, not even delivered properly. However, soon the inventory of disposable masks, bought for “cheap”, will end — and, apparently, will once again be clean and quiet. One pleases: to wash disposable gloves, our men quickly learned — as plastic bags during the Soviet era. Folk wisdom — she will not spend on drink.