Victory Day social media users complained on Facebook that suddenly neither from that nor from this began to remove the photos, which the Soviet soldiers set the victory Banner over the Reichstag. I wonder if anyone in FB decides what to delete and what to treasure in governing the population of our planet is enmeshed in social networks, including midst a Facebook? That’s about it in Zoom appeared very unexpected performance — “I don’t want to see it.” In the Zoom conference featured reviewer “MK” and learned the secrets behind the scenes of the great and terrible FB.

it all started with the leak, which appeared in the Guardian newspaper, published an article about how the training of content managers of popular social networks. The facts given in it, excited readers and users. But not alone — Directors of the Israel information received for consideration and translated into the format of a documentary theater, and he is perfectly suited for all kinds of discharges, leaks, and other vital interesting. The play is called “I don’t want to see” and successfully showed at the autumn festival in tel Aviv.

the Idea is so like the Russian activist in a variety of theatrical forms Fedor Lutino that he wanted to repeat that performance in Russia. And then the coronavirus arrived, and thanks to his all-out aggression regarding any live theatre Elyutin and his team for 20 days did authentic Russian version in Zoom. Such alacrity is more than commendable, especially since those wishing to penetrate the mysteries of the midst a Facebook yard was enough. I too signed up and got the number of your ID.

At the appointed time on the screen with a familiar look and options appeared a vigorous young man with a beard, and warned that the show is strictly 18+, and asked to take the children out of the room. “Close The Windows. Draw curtains. The show begins”.

After the English captions describing the essence of the leaks that appeared on the screen the blonde, who introduced Catherine (actress Anna Shibaeva), which reported that we gathered at the screens of their gadgets, have been selected in the team of content moderators in FB (a good start). The ones who decide the fate of posts and photos (video) to them. But warned that “this work is not easy”. The blonde was reminiscent of Meryl Streep in her youth, but was very strong (one step left, step right — execution).

Learn introductory information about upcoming job: FB employs more than 15 000 content moderators. And want to hire another 3,000 (fail, tired?) “They make this FB space more pleasant and safe. They are doing something that not everyone is capable of. For example, to come in the morning to the mirror and say looking for a sleepy unshaven face: “I make the world a better place”. (And if she is, and without the stubble?)

So what is the complexity this work? Imagine people who always decide the fate of your posts, can’t afford in office: first, use pens, pencils and paper (even if it’s candy wrappers or gum). And all their personal belongings should always be in plain sight. And no mobile phones! Secondly, by signing an agreement with the company, these guys have no right to tell anyone anything — neither for mom and dad, no friends, no beloved friend. And of course, this job is a challenge for the mind: they have to “see what others don’t like to see, and to hear what others would prefer not to hear.” In short, they take responsibility for the safety of others, and the decision should take no more than 3 seconds. It would seem that the easiest would be such a job to throw the robots, but as it turns out, the machine, devoid of emotions, unable to decide what is moral and what is not. And they, poor fellows, how to figure out 3 (!!!) second, what is immoral?

Here to help the soldier and corporate governance — to develop these points, we proceed. We begin with a discussion of content that is sexual in nature — that is allowed, and that the ban “to hell, without peritonitis”. Surprised to learn (maybe one I wonder?), that word, expressing the sexual act (from the slang to the Mat), it will leave intact, if it is mentioned in a figurative context (“unstick you”) or educational (“it looks like a penis into anus”).

the chat participants together with other take turns reading the proposed test in FB and decide to be him or kill him. I see “colleagues” is quite an intelligent kind of stumble because honestly, not every day you get to publicly read the texts with sexually aggressive vocabulary perverts (Hello Roskomnadzor). Well, I do not want in life or in FB to hear and read crazy combinations to the reproductive organs! And what is the content moderators is day and night to read? However, the blonde assures that employees adapt quickly to such and do not experience emotions. As protectory to dead bodies.

And we already offered to take the test on physical threats against different people. And then opening and was surprised to learn that the vulnerable persons in the social network are presidents, activists and homeless people (good company, right?) and their content moderators in FB to protect. But the children or the Patriarch, in contrast, mock all you want.

Theatrical training in the chat lasts an hour and during that time I realized that I just do not take in content moderators. I banned that, it turns out, it is currently allowed (Apicella on intimate places pornography), or that slyly called art, but for me, and next to him was not lying. And secondly, hate on display for all to put personal things — and it’s not modest, and not all need ��know about my secrets. In General, a continuous incompetent. By the way, and the salary of those anonymous fighters never announced.

After the theatre test the conversation with Fedor by Aluminum.

Fyodor, how many viewers can simultaneously engage in such “training”?

For once, a maximum of 1,000. Until we have a study designed for 500 people, but the maximum was 380 participants. Our audience manifests itself quite adequately. We keep her attention. Out of ten times at maximum with the online play it’s easier to leave than from the audience — shut down the computer and went. Yes, there are those who do not accept, they say: “Creepy, unacceptable, we don’t want to see it.” In this case, I ask: “If you don’t want to see what you were doing in the hall?” We may not want to see it, but such is our nature that to watch it is quite interesting.

— As Russian producer you have the right to add something to the Israeli content?

— All based on real facts. We added interactivity in the virtual room where they can come together for discussions the participants.

— in addition to the two leading whether involved other actors in the guise of audience? Because something can go wrong. Or do you all fair?

— we do Not have any decoy. Funny, when the reaction of a person unexpected.

— Watching the course of the conference, in Zoom, you have the opportunity to observe the participants, that is, to track their actions?

Yes, we are a big brother who looks out for all. It must be said, great fun. The objective of any documentary of the play to show the reality in which there are such things. We’re not saying this is good or bad, don’t condemn Facebook. There is a job there, as they say, behind-the-scenes part of life. We do not show the guests of the capital unsightly areas, we have them first on Red square will lead.

— the Performance gives the impression of not expensive: a minimum of equipment and effort. Or am I mistaken?

Wrong, this is an expensive project. Artists like pretty lights, cameras. Five people support the show. Budget somewhere around five–six thousand euros.