UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, on Wednesday condemned the blast in the Syrian city of Afrin, the victims of which, according to the defense Ministry of Turkey, were 40 people. This is stated in the published on the website of the organization statement.

"the Secretary-General strongly condemns yesterday’s horrific explosion, which occurred at a busy market in Afrin in Northern Syria. He expressed deep condolences to the families of the dead", – stated in the message.

Guterres urged "to a full and immediate ceasefire in Syria in order to mount an extensive effort to combat COVID-19 (coronavirus caused by the disease – approx. TASS)".

"Those who violate international humanitarian law and human rights must be brought to justice", – reads the statement of the Secretary General.

Inhabited by Kurds Afrin is located 65 km West of Aleppo. It was occupied by Turkish troops in March 2018 in the framework of operation "Olive branch" against Kurdish groups.

The explosion of the tanker in this city, said Tuesday the Ministry of defence of Turkey. According to him, the victims were 40 people. The Agency issued a statement that the explosion are the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) and Kurdish groups "of the forces of national self-defense".