Monitoring of the water basins of rivers of Ukraine within five years lead to the conclusion that in 2020 the country has a high probability of water scarcity in the country, said Secretary of national security Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Alexei Danilov.

According to him, Ukrainians will have to save, reports owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

Danilov announced the results of the observations at the meeting of the working group on security of water resources and provision of population with drinking water. He noted that according to experts, over the last five years Ukrainian river was shallow. Therefore, said Secretary of the security Council in 2020, there is a risk of occurrence of “water scarcity in the basins of some rivers.”

According to Danilova, the current situation demands that has developed a program of optimizing the use of water resources. It is not excluded, the politician said that the people of Ukraine will have to conserve water this year.

Government, for its part, he said, should conduct a complete inventory of the sources of underground water wells, which can then be connected to the water system.