According to Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Caprovoi, has been developed “Strategy of de-occupation of Crimea”, but the document is not published. She stated the program “really is. Crimea” TV channel “House”.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the Crimea joined Russia following the March 2014 referendum. However, Ukraine and Western countries did not recognize the election results.

“We have developed the document “Strategy of de-occupation of the Crimea.” It is not public at the moment, because we believe that such matters should be documents a wider scale. And that’s just part of a larger strategy of de-occupation. We hope that sooner or later Ukraine at different levels will be able to imagine,” she said.

Dzhaparova said that the reaction of the world community on the problem of the “occupied” Peninsula “is a non-system” and assured that the foreign Ministry of Ukraine will continue to make efforts to create a “formalized international courts” in the Crimea, by analogy with the Minsk format of the Donbas.