Personal control of the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel of the settlement of the armed conflict in the Donbass allows Ukrainians not to be afraid of sudden escalation of the situation, said Ukraine’s Ambassador to Berlin Andrew Miller. He told about it in interview “Radio Freedom”.

The diplomat said the actions of the head of the German government’s pledge of peace in the region.

“While Merkel personally will be weekly, every two weeks call our President [Vladimir Zelensky], then call [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, and coordinate the entire peace process, which is very sensitive and fragile, I think that Ukrainians can sleep peacefully,” said Miller.

Due to the mediation of Germany, Russia understands that in the event of aggression will be forced to pay “exorbitant price,” the Ambassador added.

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel regularly discuss the issues of conflict settlement in the Donbass. The last telephone conversation on this subject took place between them on April 22, reported the press service of the Kremlin. They also called up on may 8 and March 3, but in the relevant publications on the website of the administration of Russian President to the Ukrainian conflict is not mentioned.

Russia and Ukraine with the mediation of Germany and France continue talks on conflict settlement in the Donbass in the format “Norman Quartet.” Full-length “channel” the summit was held in December 2019 in Paris, but in April the foreign Ministers of all four countries noted the lack of progress and the failure to implement many of the agreements reached at the meeting, told DW.