It is unlikely that those opposed to strict quarantine measures of the Ukrainian authorities, the mayor of Cherkasy Anatoliy Bondarenko somehow enter into political Union with Yulia Tymoshenko and her party “Batkivshchyna”. This was told by political analyst Pavlo Rudyakov in an interview with

“Tymoshenko is not a force. It’s the last day. It is present just as a bright character with a long history, which many people remember. But in itself it is not a person”, — the expert believes.

In his opinion, Tymoshenko today can take place only if someone will draw her in a pool of opposition, but so far the political forces that are now on the rise, demonstrate to her very cautious attitude.

“her reluctant to enter into any agreement, and it is now moving from the market. Yes, it has its own faction in the Parliament, but it is rather the traces of its former influence,” — said Rudyak.

Theoretically, the political scientist said, Bondarenko could bring fresh blood and energy for Tymoshenko and her “Batkivshchyna” at least at the regional level, but it is unlikely he wants to.

Bondarenko is now in the best position of the bride or groom, can choose the more beneficial option for him and therefore will bet on a more promising project than “Fatherland,” concluded the source.