two citizens of the Russian Federation currently in South Korea, confirmed coronavirus COVID-19. Still no reported cases of infection of Russians in Korea were reported. About infected COVID-19 the Russians have told the Korean news Agency No Cut News, citing information from the administration of the province of South Gyeongsang, South of the Korean Peninsula.

According to the statement officials of the province, on 13 June in Korea arrived from Russia two Russians, who at entry were tested for coronavirus and were in quarantine on the island Koje where both work. Soon they had confirmed COVID-19, after which they were transferred for treatment to the clinic of the city of Masan. Names of cases are not reported, we only know that both men, they will in ‘ 41, they work together on the island Koje.

the question remains, how the Russians were able to enter South Korea because communication between the two countries is currently closed. Note that on June 13 at Incheon international airport (Seoul) arrived “export” airline flight “Aeroflot” on which the 14th of June for the route Incheon (Seoul) – Vladivostok – Moscow in Russia returned 259 Russians. In addition, the evening of 13 June, from Moscow flew Korean Air, which was taken from Russia 91 a citizen of South Korea. The flight arrived on 14 June in Incheon international airport. Judging by the date of entry – June 13, two Russians, who proceeded then on Koje are likely to profit by the flight of “Aeroflot”.

There is a possibility that these two cases were the first Russians who confirmed coronavirus in Korea. Prior to this it was reported flown from Russia to the woman, which was confirmed COVID-19, but she’s married to a Korean and has citizenship of this country.

Note that as of midnight June 14 in South Korea, there were 12 085 cases of infection with coronavirus, of which 10 718 recovered. The number of confirmed carriers COVID-19 in the country amounted to 1 090 people. Died from disease 277 patients. During the day, recorded 34 new cases of infection, 27 people were recovered.