Photographer “Russia today” Ilya Pitalev and the journalist of the edition Nikita Telizhenko returned from Belarus to Russia. Both denied entry to the Republic for five years.

Pitalev detained on Monday evening when he was going to the rally at the stele “Minsk — hero city”. The night he was kept in the militia Department, and then he spent the whole day in jail “Zhodino”, RIA Novosti reported.

From prison Pitalev released on August 11 in the evening and accompanied by employees of the Russian Consulate sent to Smolensk.

Telizhenko not made contact with the editors August 10 in the evening. He walked to the venue of regular protests for the job of wording about the coverage of the events. The journalist was also released with the assistance of employees of the Russian Consulate on 11 August in the evening.

Earlier reported that the activist of the “Open Russia” and member of the movement “Voice” Igor Rogov released in Minsk on freedom. This was announced by Executive Director of “Open Russia” Andrey Pivovarov.