Roeselare / Rumbeke –

Monday morning, took it in to the Rumbeeksesteenweg in Rumbeke in West-Flanders, Roeselare, around 11 a.m., two accidents, a few hundred yards of each other.

finally, Near the pharmacy, a short walk from the church of Rumbeke, the 66-year-old, Marie, D., Roeselare suddenly taken ill, when they are on the road it was. The wife was a heavy fall. Emergency services rushed to his side all the time. The Roeselaarse was in-only, but all the help came too late. The woman died at the scene. When the accident occurred, there were no other road users involved.

in a Little more in the direction of Roulers fell the 25-year-old, Scene V., from Roeselare, wounded. At the height of the cross-section of the Rumbeeksesteenweg the king’s road was the fietster is in contact with the car of 61-year-old Frank D. in Roeselare. The woman was falling, which made it slightly wounded. Due to the two accidents, it was a period of time, will not be possible to get from Roeselare and the city centre of Rumbeke in the room.