came the first Skoda Octavia Combi 24 years ago, on the market, has been compared to the Czech with the load master Version of the Dacia Logan. If you entert today, the successful model of the Czech VW subsidiary, the interior ambience is nothing, nothing at all more to do with the brittle plastic ambience of the model in early years. Particularly chic shiny chrome selector lever of the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. This is for the first time, in the Shift-by-Wire configuration, as the Switching by an electric pulse, which is available, and allows this piece of design.

Skoda Octavia: Send VW alternate between the Golf and the Passat

the same goes for the Infotainment. The consumer electronics possible in the first Octavia even more of a good old Blaupunkt stereo radio’s from the 80s, cheer for the Czechs now a full entertainment electronics-wide page on the occupants. The tip of the spear of the Bits and Bytes of fireworks the Central ten-inch touch screen that serves as a Central communication medium. A lot of gas, little electricity: a Plug-In Hybrid make sense? FOCUS Online Much fuel, little power: Is a Plug-In Hybrid make sense?

The Konzernräson you realize the operation: the Czechs, by Apps, which can be used as a Smartphone – the first level of the user interface according to personal requirements. The Updates to the infotainment system will not be wireless, however, all of the connectivity services are unlimited in the price of the equipment package “Skoda Connect” will contain: The vehicle is remote access for a year, free of charge, for the display of weather data, news headlines, gas stations and Parking there are three years. press-inform / Skoda, The boot of the Octavia Combi combines between 640 and 1,700 litres

Skoda’s not every VW-path with

That the Czechs will not have to go each of the way by the lower Saxon mother pretending to see the knobs and the Touch-slider at the bottom of the monitor, with which you can adjust, among other things, the temperature of the air conditioning and adjust the volume. The best Passat Alternative is Skoda’s FOCUS Online is The best Passat-Alternative comes from Skoda

This rain gutter is longer than that of the Golf VIII, and thus easier to use, but the purpose of this Gimmicks is not evident, since you can operate the automatic climate control system with the Touchscreen and the volume Control in the steering Wheel are available. Display:

New controls

in Total, there are 14 buttons and Knobs in the Valance, what at first appears to be a bit of lush, but after a short time, many of the settings can be made without removing the hands from the steering Wheel. Speaking of the steering Wheel is now touch sensitive, and attentive to, when it surrounds it, and then an Emergency stop is initiated. In the operation, you get used very quickly to the feature that enabled a variety of actions with the Levers below the touch screen and the selection via the touch screen makes. press-inform / Skoda With a length of 4.69 meters, is the fourth Generation of the Octavia Combi can use to configure, which is about two inches longer than its predecessor

the 10.2 inch large virtual Cockpit by using the steering Wheel remote control. Skoda is offering for the first time, a Head Up Display – clear, the Octavia is the best-selling Skoda in Germany and the customers want to be kept in the rod. This also includes the upgrade of the assistance systems fits: in addition to the Full-Matrix-LED-light-celebrate volunteers, such as the Side and the aforementioned Emergency Assist, the adaptive distance assistant (up to 210 km/h) the Octavia 4 Premiere. The Autonomous driving assistant will be bundled in the “Travel Assist”, which helps especially when traffic jam, the slow-down Octavia independently, move, and also keeps the track. The technology also pays attention to the left Turn to oncoming traffic and also keeps Bicycle riders who want to scurry to the vehicle over in the view. That is, the side airbags cost back in Style equipment 440 euros extra, acknowledge we wrinkles a forehead.

New Clean-Diesel with 150 HP

When Driving, the Skoda Octavia is no weakness, but it also offers no Aha-experience. The Zweilliter-Diesel with 110 kW / 150 HP comes from the current Evo series, features the twin dosing procedure, by using two sequentially arranged catalysts AdBlue is injected, which reduces the NOx emissions significantly. The Whole thing runs unnoticed by the driver. The well-known diesel engine is not a Paragon of happiness, can not conceal a slight Start-up deficiency, to cope with the 1.487-kilogram Skoda well. After 8.8 seconds on a country road is reached the tempo and it goes up to 222 km/h. If one calls the self Fuze is something acknowledged this with a audible combustion noise. press-inform / Skoda, The interior is modern and uncluttered

The chassis is of the combined, in principle, the comfortable gliders that you can configure with the driving modes, Eco, Comfort, Normal and Sport, or according to their own ideas under “Individual”. Who wants it a bit firmer, you should choose the Farhrprogramm Sport. Generally speaking, the Octavia Combi behaves in all situations good-natured and remains manageable. A significant improvement over the predecessor, we found the steering of the Octavia Combi can be precise to the corner of the stairs and the driver is not in the dark about when the moves under control of inclination of the profile of the tire a stress test. Skoda is the average fuel consumption of 3.7 l/100 km during our test drive, which was also carried out time sporting, goods it is 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

space: 640 litres of boot

we Come last to the parade-discipline of the Octavia: The room. With a length of 4.69 meters, the new Octavia Combi four and the sedan by a good two inches longer than the predecessor. Therefore, it is not surprising that one finds also in this Octavia a generous amount of space. This is true not only for the passengers in the rear comfortably, but also for the trunk, the volume of which increases in the basic configuration of 30 litres 640 litres, to the Backrests of the rear bench, it is magnificent 1,700 litres, however, the load area rises in the last third something. This is also true for the price: Under 28.060 Euro, the Octavia, the driven model will cost at least 34.770 Euro. Far away from a Dacia. Just in a different League – how times change.

type Skoda Octavia Combi 2.0 TDI engine four-cylinder diesel engine displacement (cm3) 1968 power in HP (KW) at rpm 1 150 (111) at 3000 Max. Torque (Nm) bei Umin-1 360 Nm at 1600 Rev/min and High
speed (km/h)
222 acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.) 8,8 transmission 7-speed DSG drive front wheel drive Fuel type Diesel fuel consumption EU Drittelmix (l/100 km) 3,7 CO2-emissions (g/km) 98 length (mm) 4689 width (mm) 1829 height (mm) 1468 weight manufacturer
specifying (kg)
1487 max. Payload (kg) 578 price (euros) 34.770,00 € emission standard Euro-6 d temp