Sebastian, an inspector from the Brussels police, it was Monday morning, an anonymous letter in the mail. Therein, the questions of his neighbors for him to take his garbage bags is no longer out. They also like that he’s no longer in the neighborhood walk by. Due to his profession, he has come to be a lot of people, and he runs a great risk of being infected with corona.

an increasing number of people in work will continue, either as a provider or as a police officer, the youngest of the day’s threats, or be asked to stay away. Or are they, as policemen, and spat at. While they have no job to do, and people are trying to help you.

Sebastian, a Brussels-based police officer who is just about the language, lives, got up Monday morning to an anonymous letter in the post from one or more neighbors. Therein, to plead with him to think about the garbage collectors who, every day, to the great danger likely to be exposed.

“Think of it as if there’s some garbage out of turn”, she said. The men are also asked to not be in the same area, to hiking, with his family, as stated in the letter.

According to his wife, and was close to being happy when she was here for a couple of years ago and came to live in it. A police officer in the area, it is always easy, and it’s interesting, they said it was back then.

But right now, Sebastian and his family were here and suddenly are no longer welcome due to his job. Because a lot of people come in contact with, there is the risk of having the virus and bring it home, and neighbors or the garbage collectors have been infected. That’s why they have him with them rather than more, as long as the Covid-19, under his or her control.

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