The President of the United States Donald trump talked about the relationship between Washington and Beijing. According to him, the US can be a clean break with China.

He noted that he could not clearly explain this at the meeting of the Senate Committee on foreign relations. Such a statement he made on Twitter.

"Perhaps I don’t fully clarified, but the US policy, of course, remains an option under various conditions to break completely with China. Thank you!", — wrote the head of state.

On the eve of the political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China and the head office of the Commission, the CPC Central Committee for foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi in Hawaii confirmed the implementation of the Beijing of its obligations under the first phase of the bargain.

Previously lead economist, Centre for international economic relations, China’s Chen Wenling said that the pandemic coronavirus China is unlikely to meet the obligations under the first phase of the trade deal with the United States. However, according to her, China will not cease its efforts to ensure implementation of the agreements reached with the White house.

She recalled that the state Council of the PRC announced in the first quarter on the removal of restrictions on products from the USA. But Washington, according to her, did not abolish most tariffs on goods from China.

The first part of the trading agreement obligates China to buy goods from the US worth about $200 billion. According to informed sources, the document implies the purchase of American industrial products at $75 billion, energy — $50 billion of agricultural products by $40 billion, Another $35-45 billion, China needs to spend on services, wrote