Rumors of a “conspiracy” of Russia against radical movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia) are a deception on the part of Newspapers and Democrats, said the President of the United States Donald trump.

“From what I heard, and I hear well, a lot of people in intelligence think that it was not” – quotes its words of RIA “news” referring to Fox Business.

Trump “I agree with people of intelligence.” According to him, “if it happened, then the Russians would have heard about it, and the others involved would have heard about it.”

Vice-President Mike Pence after trump said that he was not informed about the “Russia’s collusion with the Taliban”. He also said that “will not discuss classified material”. Pence assured that trump always protects American soldiers, if necessary.

Recall that trump said that the American media publicized the story about the alleged Russia’s collusion with the Taliban were invented to harm him personally and of the Republican party.