the Candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Joe Biden said that the current head of state Donald trump — “the first racist who is elected to the presidency”. About it reports RIA Novosti news Agency.

During an online-conference with voters, Biden asked the question, as it relates to the fact that the American leader calls coronavirus infection “or Wuhan Chinese virus”. The politician said that trump “perpetrate racism”. According to him, the attitude of the White house to people depending on their skin color and national origin.

“none of the Republican President didn’t do this. No President-Democrat. We had racists, they existed. They tried to get elected President [of the USA]. He was the first who did it,” said the Democrat.

However, Biden’s statement a number of Internet users recalled that several U.S. presidents, including the first — George Washington, were slave owners.

Earlier, trump repeatedly called COVID-19 “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus,” which caused indignation of many groups of defenders of civil liberties, who claim that such language can cause outbreaks of racism and violence against Asian Americans. The President of the United States defended its wording concerning the relationship of the virus with China. Speaking at a daily briefing of the task force on coronavirus in March, he said that they are not racist: “It [the virus] from China. I want to be accurate.”