The staff of the oppositional candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski refused to recognize the official results of the election and the victory of incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

They have no relation to reality, said the press-Secretary Anna krasulina policy.

CEC finally decided on the new head of Belarus

According to the Central election Commission (CEC) of Belarus, for Lukashenko voted 80.1% of all voters Tikhanovski — 10.1 percent.

Tikhanovski first filed a complaint to the CEC, stating that it did not recognize the official election results. In the opposition headquarters think independently collected data from the plots show that the election was won, she, with the support of 70-80 percent of the electorate. Subsequently, example Tikhanovski followed Konopacka, Dmitriev and Caraceni. CEC rejected their complaints.

In Belarus, the sixth day of protests. The citizens oppose the official results of the presidential election. To declared in the country the strike was joined by thousands of workers of the largest industrial enterprises. In protest of dismissed employees of state media and officials.

The opposition demands to end the violence in the protests, to release all political prisoners and citizens who were detained for peaceful actions and protests, and to hold fair presidential elections.