Three people were killed in a plane crash in the United States

In the USA plane crash in Nevada killed three people. It is reported by the Elko Daily.

According to the newspaper, the crash occurred in the valley of GOSAT. The wreckage was discovered approximately 40 km from the border of Utah.

the Passengers were Thomas Kvanvig (48 years old), Stacy Kvanvig (49 years), and Daniel Kvanvig (8 years). Their bodies are discovered. According to the newspaper, Thomas Kvanvig was an engineer at Intel Corp.

it is Noted that the cause of the crash could become a forced emergency landing due to unknown reasons. The plane made a hard landing nose down.

In December of 2019 in California, USA, crashed light aircraft on Board of which there were up to four passengers. He fell on the airfield in the South of the state.