“Surealistisk” and “bizarre” were just some of the words, as Thomas Nun used on the restaurant karin’s Home, which he visited in sæsonpremieren on ‘knife to the throat’.

And the experience is still quite evident on tv-the chef’s retina.

“I ask in the program Carsten: ‘What are you doing?’ He knows it’s not. He is very Kafka-esque. It made no sense. He is sweet and kind, but he has no concept, about what should happen, or how to run a restaurant.”

In the program managed Thomas Nun to help the restaurant’s owner and his staff are on the right path. Carsten came tjenerkursus, the food was more appetizing and the place changed its name to Restaurant Pakhuset.

With the changes also came the guests, and it ended up in the program happily for the restaurant, who both received roses and guests. Since the recordings that were made in the spring of last year, is the place, however, has gone bankrupt. A shame, if you ask Thomas Nun.

“I’m sorry to hear that it did not, for he was one of them, I hoped would succeed. Carsten is a real sweet and nice man, and under him all the best in the world.”

“It was an impossible project, he had set up. It would be similar to that I suddenly wanted to be a surgeon. It would be just as aimlessly.”

Although the site during Thomas Castbergs visit was aimed up at the standard, remember tv-chef clearly the starting point.

He mentions also the restaurant’s classic Danish dishes, as the worst he has been served in this season. Special kalvefrikasséen made an impression. In the bad way.

“It was not only the taste. It was also about how far they were from the original product. It was so far away from it, as they had promised. And you must keep what you promise.”

After having tasted the entire menu, it was clear for Thomas Nun, that he had a task in front of him.

Normally, after the first day at the restaurants to be able to put a master plan for the site. It was not the case with karin’s Homemade.

“I was simply after the visit and said to the team, that I knew not what I should do. After all, throw a canister of petrol and a match and run,” he laughs and adds, that the task was more manageable along the way.

It was not just the food, which sent Thomas Nun just reflux into deep water. It was also the employees. Both the taciturn women in the kitchen and Carsten, if tjenerevner was not existing.

He points out that it is just persongalleriet, that makes sæsonpremieren so “freaky”.

“In the program, I tell Carsten that I come and eat, if I a day is in the vicinity of Naestved. If nothing else, to be with him. And I meant it.”

“‘With the knife for the throat’ is a mixture of ‘Luksusfælden’ and ‘Dr. Phill’ pulled down over the catering,” he laughs.

He assures also that the viewers have more goodies in store.

“There will be some pretty wild programs. Now, I can’t say as much, but there will be at least two intense cases. There will also be a lot of conflict.”

“It was not with Carsten. He is such a man, to remember. He was so raw and oozed goodness and innocence.”