It is hard to at the airline AirAsia.

the Director and the president gets no salary, and the employees have accepted to go between 15 and 75 percent down in salary.

But it is the carrier’s owner, malaysian Tony Fernandes, as we need to fix the binoculars against.

In 2001, he bought a gældsplaget AirAsia for nothing less than two dollars, while he took over the debt by selling his house.

It writes the Finance.

After the purchase of the two crowns was Tony Fernandes AirAsia on the right track again, and since it has become a fly-juggernaut, which has a turnover of billions.

But then came coronavirussen.

Borders have been closed, society stands still, and with AirAsia, this means that 96 percent of all the planes are parked out of the function.

All the while there are still payable, payroll, leasing of aircraft and money for fuel suppliers.

In other words: There is no money, but plenty out.

And yes, that means that AirAsia comes closer to a bankruptcy proceeding, for each day that passes, with coronakrisen.

Tony Fernandes is one of Malaysia’s richest men and owns the british football club Queens Park Rangers.