Journalists declassified potential suitor assumption

Journalists declassified potential suitor Lyubov Uspenskaya. Recently a 66-year-old singer chanson admitted – she again in love. Her new man Love Zalmanovna to declassify refused, but said – that she was waiting for all my life.

Many began to seriously wonder – who is his assumption speech. For long life, the actress was married four times, but in addition for her on a regular basis courted by men. The lack of attention from the stronger sex, the artist never complained, but so loud the words or whose address did not. Now the assumption is likely alluding to the 27-year-old Georgian singer Levan Kbilashvili. The young man noticed on the last day of the assumption birth: then the young man took the stage and the evening entertained the audience with singing. Love is a courageous act of Levan was evaluated and said – he’s a terrific boy, “you can’t let go”.

Later Kbilashvili was next to the assumption during the scandal with his daughter Tatiana Plaksina. Charges heiress literally knocked Love out of the rut and Levan tried to do everything to the singer as quickly as possible came to himself and returned to the stage.

“He just surrounded her with care, constantly followed her feeling, that she didn’t forget to eat. He’s a real man. And although the difference in 38 years, the assumption could not help myself – gone as a girl”, – says “Komsomolskaya Pravda” a source close to the assumption.

Rumor has it that Kbilashvili even managed to move to the beloved in a mansion. He was seen near the building, which suggests that Levan either lives there or visits the second half. The singer his bond has not yet commented, but it is possible that confirmation will come later.