but the Russian secret service was “definitely” trying to steal the Western development of the vaccine for coronavirus, said the British foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. According to him, had committed a cyber attack aimed at the scientific organization and Russia will be “brought to justice”. Moscow all charges in the theft of data on vaccine rejected.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Britain Dominic Raab has accused special services of the Russian Federation in attempts to steal the Western development of the vaccine for coronavirus. The corresponding statement he made in the TV channel Sky News.

“We are quite sure that Russian intelligence agencies were involved in the cyber attack aimed at research and organization in this country and abroad”, — he stressed.

According to Raab, Russian hackers attacked the institutions, an effort “or to undermine their activities or to benefit from their scientific research.”

A few days earlier Britain’s national cyber security center has published a document with the accusations against Russia. The text contains a lot of reservations, but Moscow was accused of trying to steal information about vaccine — targets of cyber-attacks is named Britain, United States and Canada.

Responsibility for the attack the British placed on the hacker group “АРТ29” she “almost certainly” connected with the Russian special services believe in London.

“This is part of a broader systematic approach to cybersphere from Russia at a time when the whole world comes together and tries to win COVID-19, including to find a global solution for the vaccine,” — said the British foreign Minister, condemned the Russian leadership.

Raab also stressed that the British authorities intend “to bring Russia to responsibility” and show the world the “improper conduct”. At the same time, the head of the foreign Office expressed hope that Russia “will change behavior and will work as a leading member of the international community.”

Shortly before this, the TV channel “Bi-bi-si” the Russian Ambassador in London Andrey Kelin called the accusations in attempts to steal information about the vaccine “nonsense”. He reminded that dealing with the development of a drug the company has already signed a contract with the Russian colleagues, and in the case that the vaccine will be effective, it will produce in Russia.

The Ambassador also stressed that in the modern world “attributed to a hacker attack any country it is impossible”.

the Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, rejected the accusations of London, Moscow’s involvement in the attempted break-in databases of British, canadian and American pharmaceutical companies developing the vaccine for coronavirus.

“I can say one thing — Russia has no part in these attempts is irrelevant. Moscow is not ��ramlet such accusations,” — said Peskov.

British authorities on expression did not stint, blaming “Russian hackers” in the attacks. “Vile attack against scientists engaged in vital work in the fight against the coronavirus. Together with our allies we ferret out those who intend to harm us in cyberspace, and will call them to account,” promised the official representative of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson.

In mid-April, the FBI announced the attempts of breaking of systems of the organizations involved in research COVID-19. According to Deputy assistant FBI Director Tony Poreca, biomedical data have long been “a priority for cyber-espionage”, and the current organization working to find a cure and vaccine for coronavirus, became “the main target”.

In the same month, the assistant attorney General for national security of the United States John Demers stated that “it would be foolish” not to believe that China will try to steal any data that details the development of a vaccine.

Russia conducts successful tests anticholinesterases vaccine. Director of the Institute for translational medicine and biotechnology sechenovskiy University Vadim Tarasov said on July 19 that all of the volunteers who tested the drug on himself, feel good.

He noted that this applies both to the discharged volunteers, and those who are in the hospital under supervision of doctors. “Yes, all right, go home all want to have as soon as possible”, — said the head of the Institute.

To mass produce a vaccine against coronavirus, likely to start in August. This was stated earlier, the Director, National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei Nicholas Ministry of health of Russia Alexander Ginzburg.

“As I recall the schedule to August 12, the health Ministry should check out the parties that we develop Into civil circulation the vaccine can do 12-14 August, in mid — August,” he said. According to the latest data, the Russian vaccine is effective — the subjects produced a steady immunity to the new type of coronavirus.