A resident of the UK of Fatima Bridle for a record 130 days struggling with a new type of coronavirus. While 105 of them she was connected to artificial lung ventilation (ALV).

It is reported that Brill contracted COVID-19 during their stay in Morocco. Somewhere in early March, 35-year-old woman returned to the UK, and a few days later she had the first symptoms of infection.

Once the condition of British women has deteriorated even more, she was transferred to ICU and connected to mechanical ventilation. For 40 days lapsed into a coma Bild had not regained consciousness.

On the background of the coronavirus women began to develop sepsis and pneumonia. Doctors managed to restore the lungs of the patient by about 40 percent. She has to live with one working light, now she can’t walk due to muscle weakness. Bridle hopes that it will help exercise, and the muscles will soon be possible, according Dailly Mail.