WASHINGTON, 28 APR – news, Alexey Bogdanovsky. The court in California refused to grant bail to the accused in the cybercrime citizen of the Russian Federation Kirill Firsov, despite the fact that the declared high risk of becoming infected in prison by the coronavirus, said the court.

Firsov was arrested in new York on 7 March and is in custody, but the charges brought against him in California. New York more than all other States affected by the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Firsov submitted to the court a certificate from a Russian doctor, Anna Primerova, where he was reported in 2010, suffers from asthma and was in the hospital in connection with this diagnosis. Firsov offered to release him on bail in 250 thousand dollars, guaranteed, only his signature and give him the opportunity to serve a quarantine outside of the prison.

In turn, prosecutors said that Firsov can run from the USA where he faces up to 10 years in prison. In addition, prosecutors said that Firsov is not taking any asthma drugs and that his prison taken quarantine measures.

Judge Allison Goddard agreed with the prosecutors and stated that the United States Firsova nothing in common, so there is a serious risk of his escape. She also found it “significant” precautions taken in connection with the coronavirus in the prisons of new York. Thus, the court rejected the request for release Firsova bail.

According to us authorities, Firsov contributed to the illegal sale of personal data via online platform According to the indictment, Firsov admin of this platform, which is located in Russia and provides the opportunity for criminal elements to sell their “products and services”.

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