The United States Agency for international development (USAID) through its office in Ukraine is planning to allocate $10 million for “development of innovative economy of Belarus”. This is stated in the document, seen by the RT.

As follows from the text, means will be directed on realization of “program for the development of the economy of Belarus with a focus on innovation and growth of the private sector of the country.”

“the Purpose of this program is to support the establishment in Belarus favourable conditions for entrepreneurship based on innovation and the expansion of the role of the private sector in innovative economy, which in turn will contribute to the diversification of export markets”, — the document States.

Belarus, as the authors of the text, has a number of advantages for economic development based on innovation.

However, despite this, the Belarusian entrepreneurs continue to face including lack of funding similar projects in the future.

To participate in the competition is established in the USA and outside the country, NGOs, commercial and non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

Earlier, foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei during a briefing with United States Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that Minsk would welcome a “more active role” of the US in Belarus, including in the economic sphere.