The regulator in the United States expanded to almost 60 positions, list brands of antiseptics for the hands, which potentially pose a threat to life and health because of the content of methyl alcohol there, according to Tuesday’s CBS News.

According to the updated list on the website of the Department for control over products and medicines of the United States, it now consists of 59 items, which are manufactured by 11 companies. Ten of them Mexican, country of origin, another is not specified, but the name of the company – in Spanish.

According to management, the cases when methyl alcohol is found in sanitiser that say that they are made on the basis of ethyl alcohol.

"the Agency is known about adults and children, ingested sanitizer for content of methyl alcohol, which has recently led to undesirable consequences, including blindness, hospitalization or death", – said on the website of the Department.

Of the goods from the control list has already withdrawn or recommended for withdrawal.

The demand for sanitizer jumped amid pandemic coronavirus.