after Suffering a crushing fiasco in an effort to curb the raging epidemic, today the country’s leadership is trying to put a barrier to the penetration of the coronavirus in Albion. How this will be implemented? Since the end of may, its citizens, and a stranger arriving in Britain by air, rail or by sea, must strictly isolate themselves for two weeks – and to comply with the quarantine firmly and steadily. Will not affect this measure only transit passengers arriving from abroad. It will not affect passengers France and Greece. However, Greece has already managed to respond to the idea of Johnson, saying that to send their citizens to the country with this level of infection, as in Britain, it does not intend.

At Heathrow airport will measure the temperature of everyone arriving. It is possible that this would be easy, since recently in Britain daily enter less than ten thousand passengers. Prior to the epidemic, COVID -19 at the Albion arrived every day about 300 thousand. Most of the passengers flew through Heathrow airport. A large part included in the gate of the United Kingdom through the capital’s airports of Stansted, Luton and Manchester.

But those days have died. Today the Eurostar trains running from Brussels and Paris to London train station St Pancras, delivered to the British capital only a few dozen people. Several hundred foreign tourists and its own citizens sail to British ports on the ferries. Now they have self-isolation.

All the newcomers will need to fill out a questionnaire with personal data, including passport number, and specify what address they are going to isolate themselves, leaving the authorities a contact phone number. In addition, passengers will be given a warning to stay home and not to leave the place of isolation and no contact with other people. If after two weeks they don’t show the symptoms of coronavirus, samokopaniem will allow you to exit the quarantine.

Those who do not have residence in the United Kingdom will be required to stay in hotels at their own expense – although it is expected that only a few people will fall into this category. We need to prepare, what to samosoglasovannogo will blitzes the inspectors – they will appear suddenly on specified in the form address. If no one will show up at the address of semisilence-offender will find and send to the court.

Now rather hard to imagine that anyone in his right mind will dare to travel to Britain. Most UK airlines, including British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair, today predict that this situation will lead them to the brink of bankruptcy. CEO of IAG Willie Walsh said: “If passed a two-week quarantine I don’t think that we will continue operations.

the National tourism Agency “Visit Britain” argues that the total losses from tourism this year may be approximately 22 billion pounds. The lack of foreign travelers would cut revenues by another $ 15 billion. But if the Johnson government will introduce a 14-day quarantine, the financial loss will start going wild. Desiccation wave of tourism will suffer losses and cultural “hearths” of Albion, such as, for example, as the Royal albert Hall and other diamonds of the crown of the tourism industry. Ministers Johnson still attend to the details of the two-week quarantine regime for visitors. It is expected that the penalty for violating the 14-day isolation will be at least £ 1,000.

today, Arriving at Vienna airport, passengers will be able to do without quarantine, if you will visit the medical center next to the airport terminal and will be a test for the coronavirus. For this procedure they will pay 190 euros and three hours later get the result. After that, they will be awarded a pass – and travelers do not require any insulation.

According to the BBC, Turkey is beginning to open its borders to foreign tourists from 31 countries around the world. It is expected that the border tourists will need to show a certificate stating that they have no coronavirus or pass in Turkey paid testing.

Emirates of the United Arab Emirates went the other way. Today it is testing passengers before boarding the plane. The time response is 10 minutes. In this case, if the passenger is detected coronavirus, refuse him the check and return the money for the ticket.