President of the United States Donald trump signed on Monday an Executive order that restricts the Federal government and affiliated organizations the possibility of hiring foreign workers. The document was circulated by the White house.

we are Talking about work visas H1-B for highly skilled foreign professionals. The decree requires to pay for the recruitment of staff priority to citizens and residents of the United States, as well as holders of a green card. Foreigners can be hired only in the absence of suitable candidates in the United States.

the White house said that the decision trump will help combat abuse by employers program visa category H-1B. “It is intended not to replace qualified American workers with cheap labor from abroad”, – quotes TASS.

Previously, trump has frozen the issuance of a number of work visas, thanks to which American companies were attracted by cheap foreign labor. It is expected that the ban will last until at least 2021. According to the White house, freeze the issuance of visas will allow to protect US citizens in a pandemic of mers to provide them with more than 500 thousand jobs, which could take visitors.