Weernieuws of The tropical cyclone, He is a week in the islands of Fiji, in the Pacific Ocean, and ranted. The hurricane did was to the solomon Islands, and Vanuatu, to. Up to now, there were 27 deaths.

He has also lost little of their power. Initially, it was a category 5 tropical cyclone, with the heaviest and most deadly, category. In the meantime, he has weakened to a category 4, but there is still a wind speed of up to 240 kilometres per hour, the local weather service of Fiji are well-known.

as The cyclone came ashore to the south of the main island, Viti Levu, and it was closer to land than expected. The residents were asked to go and seek shelter in churches, schools and other community buildings. He would have quite a lot of damage caused by high winds and flooding.

if you are travelling to the solomon Islands has made the Language as much as 27 deaths.