The video meeting service Zoom, the use of which exploded in the Coronavirus crisis, praised improvements to the criticism of its privacy arrangements. Several security researchers uncovered gaps in security had been plugged, wrote CEO Eric Yuan in a blog entry.

in Addition, Zoom away, and a spicy function, which allowed the organizer of a video conference, to control which participants have the App in the foreground and what is the deal with other things.

Zoom in part of up to 200 million people

Zoom used was developed for use in enterprises, in the current crisis, schools, churches, and consumers jumped on but also in a big way on the service. Thus, up to 200 million users in March on a day, wrote Yuan. The new type of use have promoted to “unforeseen problems with our platform,” to-day, he admitted.

the so-called “zoom-bombing”, in the Strangers in the video conferencing burst belongs. This is possible if the Link for the conference is public and the participants don’t wait to be the first land in the virtual space and the organizer added. Thus, several cases were known in the US, where school hours and Zoom-worship with verbal abuse and the display of Nazi symbols were disturbed. During school hours on zoom training platform, the participants now come by default in a waiting room.

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Zoom also had to make it clear that, contrary to the previous representation of the service, the data will not be transferred in all cases, with Complete encryption, they are only for the participants are available. This works reliably only as long as all of the benefits in a conference Zoom-Software, dials the number of someone via phone call, can not be used in the encryption of the service there, as a blog entry shows. At the same time, Zoom stressed that they have not developed the technology to crack the encryption of conferences for the Monitoring by the authorities. FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

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