The tourist has created the illusion of flight in the plane with the help of the washing machine

MOSCOW, 16 APR — RIA Novosti. Jeroen Hartwort from Rotterdam took video of the illusion of flight in the business class using the tablet and washing machine, reports the Daily Mail.

the Clip he uploaded Tik Tok. It sits in the chair by the window with a drink in hand, when the plane flies over the turquoise waters.

Jeroen, which never flew in business class, said that he saw these videos and decided to make my own, as the door of the machine reminded him of a porthole.

“I spent all of 10 minutes to equip the set with their props,” he said.

In the video, which was played on the tablet, appeared the island of Saint Martin. “Director” found out about it only when started to come comments from local residents.

“People sent me messages, in which he thanked for what I showed Saint-Martin on the screen in the door of the washing machine,” said Jeroen.

He was not the only one who managed to create the illusion of traveling, sitting at home.

last month, the pair refused to travel because of the situation with coronavirus have filmed a video “trip” without leaving your living room.

74-year-old Dave and Norm Trill from Melbourne was to celebrate a 10-day Caribbean cruise 53rd wedding anniversary.

They put on their robes, sat in chairs with drinks and videos included sea landscape.