The struggle for military presence The United States will place at the borders of the Russian Federation 54 fighter

MOSCOW, April 26/ Radio Sputnik. The United States wants to strengthen the military presence in the Arctic and the border with Russia in areas, placing Alaska by 2021 54 of the fifth generation fighter F-35A Lightning II, according to “gazety” with reference to Defense Express.

According to Ukrainian media, the deployment of military aircraft at the air base U.S. air force Eielson, located in Alaska, began with two F-35A Lightning II. They appeared there in April of this year. These aircraft will support Alaska based on the fifth generation fighter F-22 Raptor.

the article also notes that air force base in Alaska allow you to control the areas of launches of strategic submarines of the Russian Navy, as well as the patrol routes of the planes of the Russian strategic aviation.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that the spy plane, the US tried to approach the objects of the Russian Federation in Syria.

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