The state Department held on Thursday a special briefing on Russia, which has accused Moscow of meddling in the Affairs of Syria and Libya, and also of misinformation COVID-19.

"Russia has strengthened its non-constructive behavior in the middle East in 2015, when it expanded its operations in Syria in support of the regime (Syrian President Bashar) Assad. In recent times Libya has become the next target of the malicious activities of Russia on the regional conflicts for the sake of their narrow political and economic interests. Although Russia has often publicly stated that he supports a political decision, for example, in Syria and Libya, at the same time she participates in activities that undermined the political peace process and extend the conflict", – said the first Deputy assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia Christopher Robinson.

A printout of the briefing circulated by the state Department.

In addition, he accused Russia of "disinformation campaign" to discredit the international organizations such as the OPCW.

"Russia has also made ridiculous statements that the US is responsible for creating the IG* that "white hat" in Syria linked to terrorism and that the UK intelligence services faked the chemical attack in the Duma in 2018", – said Robinson.

Foreign Minister, indeed, stated that it supported by the West "white hat" associated with extremists and intelligence services in the UK.

"in addition, Russia is waging a campaign of disinformation on the use of pandemic COVID-19. Russian disinformation claims that the US or Western countries is a source of the virus and also gives rise to uncertainty about the international response. Such tactics, Russia sends a clear signal that she wants to use the global crisis to advance their own destructive agenda", – said Robinson.

He didn’t say what Russian officials, in his opinion, could make such statements.

"the Current administration is taking a number of actions to neutralize the pernicious influence of Moscow in Libya and Syria. Moscow is still not too late to change course and to Express genuine support for the political resolution of both conflicts," said Robinson.

The Russian foreign Ministry in the past has repeatedly rejected criticism of the USA in Syria and Libya. In particular, the foreign Ministry stressed that Russian forces are in Syria to fight with terrorists, at the invitation of country authorities, while unwelcome military presence of the USA in Syria in accordance with the rules of international humanitarian law may qualify as occupation.

Regarding Libya, the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that NATO violated in 2011, the UN security Council resolution to get rid of former ruler Muammar Gaddafi — as a result, with��ayou foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the country struck a deep crisis. According to him, Russia will continue to help the settlement of the conflict in Libya and to seek ways out of the crisis. Denied in Moscow and allegations of misinformation about the coronavirus.

*A terrorist group banned in Russia.