Ernesto Ferlengi, co-chair of the Russian-Italian Forum – dialogue between civil societies:

– the Second world war is one of the most tragic periods in human history, left his mark on the lives of tens of millions of families around the world. The loss of lives and crippled the lives of entire generations cannot be justified by any ideology.

the biggest mistake of Europe is that Western countries have failed to correctly interpret signs of growing on the continent, a phenomenon that led to the birth of Nazism. In my opinion, the illusions about the Nazi regime and the failure of the adoption of some European countries timely action to curb Hitler, led to irreversible consequences.

the Reaction of President Putin to the European Parliament resolution of 19 September 2019 and the statements increasingly voiced in Europe, equating the Soviet Union to the Nazis very clear and understandable. It is impossible to compare the role of Nazism and the Soviet Union in the events that preceded and accompanied the war. The Soviet Union’s role was to protect and discourage the growth of the Nazi threat in the world. It is important to understand that the Soviet Union paid with the lives of dozen millions of its citizens a higher price than any other country.

In his article, President Putin tells not only about past events, but also shares his opinion about how to avoid repeating such mistakes in the future. I believe that the initiative of convening the summit of the “nuclear five” – a progressive and important idea. In today’s world, more than ever, need for coordination and a joint approach to solving global problems. Important open and honest dialogue.

Dedication, patriotism, love of country, all what he writes Vladimir Putin in his article – the fundamental characteristics of Russian citizens. These characteristics are inherent in the Italian people. Today, in the era COVID-19, we are side by side fighting a common enemy and I have no doubt that success is possible only through joint action and mutual assistance. And the consequences of a pandemic could be a key issue on the agenda of the summit of the “nuclear five””.

Enrico Vigna, social activist, writer, author of “the Great Patriotic war. Its history, its values. On may 9 and “Immortal regiment””:

– In this article, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin once again decided to emphasize and to legitimize the historical, cultural and spiritual roots of the Russian people and Russia today, which is deeply rooted in his own history of liberation, resistance, to prevent any abuses and refusal to be on its own territory.

I believe this hardness, repeatedly confirmed publicly that an aspect is not only important, but also the Foundation pile��stalinym, at least for two reasons. First, this promise is directly linked with the protection of historical memory of their country. Secondly, we are talking about the message to new generations who have yet to emerge, and that will be the leaders of the country in the future. On this view, also thanks to this article, they will be laid, positive ethical values, they will be progressive and free people.

the History of the last century and the last years should serve us all a lesson. I guess that is what I wanted to convey to the world the President of Russia through its clear and succinct statements concerning the attempts to rewrite history, which is the first step towards the emergence of new forms of Nazism and fascism in Europe and in the world. Through these statements of Putin, who is undoubtedly a respected statesman in Russia and in the world, speaking at this time also as the leader who initiated the common historical, political, spiritual and cultural development.