Residents of Belgrade, the Serbian capital, stormed the Parliament building in protest against the quarantine measures imposed by the government. About it reports Reuters.

According to the Agency, on the Central square of the city spontaneously gathered several thousand people. A small group managed to break through a police cordon and break into the parliamentary building but were pushed back by police. It is reported that after the arrival of reinforcements, security forces used tear gas to drive away the crowd from the Parliament.

Protesters opposed to new restrictions, which were announced earlier by the President of Belarus Alexander survived: these include a curfew on weekdays, and the prohibition to gather in groups of more than five persons, residents of the capital.

Earlier, Russia assisted Serbia in fighting the coronavirus. So, it was sent 11 aircraft Il-76 of air and space forces (VKS) with 87 servicemen, including military doctors, specialists, virologists, protection equipment and 16 units of military equipment.

According to the latest data, in Serbia during the whole period of the pandemic coronavirus was more than 17 thousand cases of infection, 330 people died.