the Successful launch and docking of the spacecraft Crew Dragon teased everyone. Some began to extol the American Agency NASA and businessman Elon musk, at the same time stinging began to recall “the trampoline” Dmitry Rogozin. The second frantically rushed to the defense of Roscosmos. “MK” has considered the submissions of users.

Goal posts in social networks began even before the separation of the Falcon 9 rocket from the launch pad. After suffering a run on may 27, supporters of Roscosmos sarcastically noted: transferred nine years, will take another ten, alluding to the last American start already in 2011.

Here’s how commented on the transfer of the start-up of the spacecraft Crew Dragon 27 may-30 may, for example, a user AMigo: “the PR campaign Elon musk failed”. He was echoed by Vladimir K.: “Americans as dancers, something always interferes – this time weather. That is to say, the universal excuse”.

User scoffer was a bit sharper in terms that did not stop this post for a couple of hours to collect a hundred “likes”. “Yes send you finally privatnih men in suits – very much like to see how they will work in space in these gay costumes!”.

But lovers of entrepreneurial talent waved: “can you repeat that”. The common theme: early days still! Indeed, on Saturday, 30 may at 22:22 MSK from the launch pad of Cape Canaveral in Florida, the Falcon 9 came off with two astronauts on Board.

did Not have time to dissipate the exhaust first start as the Internet is literally red-hot chats and groups.

One of the first comment under the entry about the successful launch was “a Trampoline works – Rogozin!!!!”. Or this, it hot: “Well, Rogozin, you wonder about the “trampoline” was a joke, Oh nothing. Well, nothing will soon choke stolen, lose weight, maybe to joke and won’t…”

Under this Declaration, the user Mikhail Tarasov in a more calm tone said that a private entrepreneur Elon Musk has won the competition at state Corporation of Russia.

Mikhail Yakushin tried to be sarcastic a little calmer: “Thank God, reached the level of 1962…”.

Others, such as Igor andreyenko call “americanists” and “maccalube” not much to rejoice. And again: “Sell Russia the engine won’t be able to sell, will sit on the ground.” The arguments about purely American origin rocket engines for the Falcon 9 user lashed out.

a Fair amount of fire in the skirmish planted on the other side of the fence. Alexander Lebedev writes: “without private orders, the Federal space Agency will be plundered and destroyed completely within a few years.”

he was supported by Peter Petrunko his post is that Elon Musk has launched his ship, and reduced the shipping cost of 1 kg of cargo into orbit 10 times: “Roscosmos gives 1K�� for $6000, and Elon Musk brings for a little over $600. That’s all.”

Especially given the Dmitry Rogozin and his phrase about “trampolines” from 2014.

However, there is a relatively neutral statement. For example, Katerina Sheredeko notes: “Here a double sense. Glad they got finally. Glad not exploded and people died. But, on the other hand, they are our rivals. I wish to capture)) the moon.”

Or like this comment: “What are you so happy about the successes of Mask, our competitor? This is absurd! Russia is an obvious loss. For Rogozin is just a flick on the nose that followed the speech. We need to celebrate our victories and to contribute to their realization everyone in their place”.

Not without review and people from politics. So, the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin first stated that the first scheduled launch of the SpaceX firm on may 27 as a PR campaign. But when the rocket still went into orbit, he made the following statement: following the successful launch of the first commercial rocket in the Russian space program do not need to change anything, flies and so. In his opinion, the launch Crew Dragon will not affect the balance of power in space.

“In any case, space will be ours!”, – summed up the MP. Also the Deputy called to check if Russian components aboard a Crew Dragon.

Far from picks on the Internet military expert Alexei Leonov quietly stated: after the successful launch of the Americans at the “Roscosmos” now you only have two options.

First to do as Elon Musk, that is to put on reusable rockets. But it was right to be playing catch-up, stated Lenkov. – The second way – to create their own. For example, the fact that at one time promised to revive Dmitry Rogozin. Namely, a reusable orbital complexes of the type “Buran”. That is, to come to grips with aerospace flights. Here this step will give us a breakthrough, and we again find ourselves in the unconditional leaders in the space.

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