Scottish pensioner Cyril of Kasbi (Cyril Caseby) said that he saw the German vehicle, Grille, which has been used in particular, as a yacht for the führer of greater Germany Reich of Adolf Hitler. It is reported by The Courier.

According to Kasbi, he saw the Grille in 1945 at the naval shipyard in Aberdeen, where the ship brought from Norway. The ship was captured by the British fleet as reparations for the damage caused during the war. “I saw how it went down [to port] and as when docking the front part is scratched and a little damaged,” recalls the Scot, who at the time was 14-15 years old. The ship then broke off a few wooden fragments, one of which Kasbi took it and kept it for 13 years in his sock drawer until he threw his mother.

the Man admitted that he then wanted to climb aboard the Grille, and still did when no one was around. “I could only walk on deck and look in the window as everything was locked. Did not look very luxurious, but since that time much has been removed. The boat looked seaworthy enough,” added Kasbi.

“How I felt at that moment? Was a little nervous because I wasn’t supposed to be there, but was aware of the fact that go where Hitler went. This caused a feeling of discomfort,” admitted retired.

the Grille was built in the first half of the 1930-ies in Nazi Germany and belonged to the type of memo is a small military fleet of ships. The ship had an armament of three 127-millimeter guns and several anti-aircraft installations, and has been adapted for use as a mine layer. After the completion of Grille was used mainly as a yacht for Adolf Hitler, he watched her for the naval parade were dignitaries. During the war the ship served as a training ship and was the headquarters of the command of the Kriegsmarine in Norway.

After the capture of the British sailors Grille a few years stood in the dock at the port in England until it was sold to Lebanese businessman who, according to The Courier, carried out the transaction in the interests of the then king of Egypt and the Sudan, Farouk I, neselevska to have his name associated with the Nazis. However, in Beirut, the ship was blown up by the Haganah commandos, and although the ship received only minor damage, the monarch lost interest in buying. The Lebanese businessman was sent Grille to new York, where he several years it stood as a tourist attraction. The buyer on the ship was not, and finally in 1951 it was sold for scrap and sawed.