June 1, the actress Eugenia Simonova, which millions of viewers fell in love with the movie “go To fight some “old men”, “Afonya”, “Ordinary miracle”, “children of the Arbat”, “Dot”, celebrates its anniversary. Her husband, film Director Andrei Eshpai, told “MK” that Evgenia any festivities are not outlines, refused to interview all channels. Birthday will be celebrated in the village where you will visit her daughter, actress Zoe Kaydanovskaya, with their children. We talked to Zoe before this event.

Remember a children’s first impression, when I realized that your mother is the actress?

— Always knew she was an actress. I spent a lot of time with her grandmother, Olga Sergeevna Simonova, nee Vyazemskiy. May 30 — the anniversary of her death. Grandma’s not with us for 26 years. Once on TV there was film with my mom, we’d sit down to watch. I liked “the lost expedition”, where they filmed the mother and my father, Alexander Leonidovich Kaidanovsky. In this film, they met. I loved to watch the TV series “Rafferty” with the participation of the mom. In performance of theatre of Mayakovsky “long live the Queen, Vivat!” she was playing Mary Stuart, and she was beheaded. I was very worried and asked the mother: can’t do it for real?

— Often had to happen behind the scenes and on the set?

I spent a lot of time in the theater. We even stretched a hand to each other in the play “It in the absence of love and death.” I was then five years. My mom had a setup where she lay on the cot next to the curtain, and I crawled. It’s a special feeling: the mother on stage, I’m backstage holding her hand.

— All this certainly influenced the choice of profession?

— I since the childhood wanted to be an actress: singing, envious of the children who play in the theater. But my grandmother, mom and my second dad Andrei Andreyevich Eshpai is not welcomed. It was thought that the acting profession is necessary to do after graduation: finished — and even then in a good way. We rarely show the film “Quarantine,” where the mother played a major role. And he has now become relevant. In the garden declare a quarantine and working parents have nowhere to put their children. One time I came with my mother to the shooting of this film. I was almost seven years. It was before school, in the summer. Young heroine has a dream, like her birthday. The children sat at the table, and I among them. It was such a delight! As a child, I starred in a short graduation work of my father “Jonah, or the Artist at work”, which he made at the advanced directing courses. There was shot and my cousin — daughter of my uncle, Yuri p. Vyazemsky, Anastasia and Xenia.

You are talking to Evgenia Pavlovna on professional topics?

— We work a lot together, so always something ��Bardem, practice. Ask Andrei Andreyevich Eshpai suggest something, ask him questions, tormented.

Ask: where, where grain is the role?

— Yes, for the grain is without end. Constantly quoting the phrase from the plays.

Sergey Ursulyak days during the master class, said that the family work very hard and it is worth doing only if necessary.

— Andrei Eshpai always for us is work. My mother and his site are the most flexible and the Executive of the actress. Struggling to to us could not complain about anything. A collaboration with my mother is so natural that nothing but pleasure does not deliver. We may dispute, but it is always the case. And Directors in the theater are satisfied with our duet. The funny thing is that some of our young actors didn’t even know that we are mother and daughter. Represent?

— But you will eventually become very similar.

— exactly. And before that I was constantly saying, “Well, you mom does not like. You’re all daddy.”

You played the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the play “Moscow choir”.

Is one of our favorite works. And “Three tall women” — the same beloved work. It is a pity that we haven’t played this performance.

the Heroine Evgenia Pavlovna there for 90. I remember how at a press conference in Lithuania, she spoke about his “old age”. But it was ten years ago. Andrei Eshpai funny then responded, “Well, it started! This is our favorite subject.”

the Mother can not afford such statements, because it looks good. To do this, she doesn’t need any tweaks. This nature.

— Is it in you disappearing in our days quality — shyness.

— Shyness? It seems to me that it is absolutely not. As it says, humility is the sure path to obscurity. Just someone need to demonstrate their lives and making the facts public, and someone that avoids. But in the first case, it does not mean that a person arrogant and wants popularity at any price.

You played the Agafya Tikhonovna in the same “Marriage” where the same role was played by Evgenia? Or is it a new version?

I entered the previous statement, which for many years there was no new edition. There have been many formulations. The uniqueness of the play that the audience loves him so much, no matter who plays — popular or less popular actor. The first Agafya Tikhonovna played mom, now I’m playing. She gave me the role of inherited. I played with Igor Kostolevsky, Mikhail Filippov, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Galina Anisimova, God rest her soul, Klapannym by Igor and Igor Kashintsev, which, unfortunately, is also no. There was a feeling that out in the open ��osmosis. Mom came to see me. And in the summer when I was teaching role, she practiced. Something didn’t work, but when I had it done and I’m wearing the costume, all gone. And now, I must say, I have a huge success, despite the fact that I was “a little bit” does not correspond in age to his 27-year-old heroine. Me, well, a little more. I, like my mother, I love to talk about their age.

Evgenia strict mother?

— Mother is very wise woman. From early childhood we are very close, good friends. It’s important to be friends with children. I think that it brings more benefits than just parental demands, although it is also necessary. I’m not saying that mom allowed, no! Everything was in moderation.

— You live alone?

— Mother believes that adult children should live separately from parents — it strengthens relationships, gives independence. This is her credo. Although she always lived with her mother, my grandmother Olga Sergeyevna, until her passing, and feel great. I live alone from 18 years.

— Every day call?

— Yes. And if I don’t talk on the phone, my mom immediately called me: “What happened? Why?” And I asked her: “Why don’t you call me?” My younger sister Mary lives in Denmark, and we also constantly talk on the phone.

Masha were starred by Andrei Eshpai?

— Yes, it was a wonderful film “the Blossoming hill among an empty field” based on the novel my uncle Yuri Vyazemsky. Mary’s played a little mother. And recently wrote the music for the film “Tell the truth” Andrei Eshpai. Marusya pianist. She graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, and then studied in graduate school in Denmark, at the Conservatory of Aarhus. She recently got married. Her husband is Sicilian and a great trumpeter. Mom, me and Mary together in our concert — read monologues from plays, sing. Our tour took place in many cities and countries. Several times had to get together, when Mary could not come. 2015 may 9, we participate in the concert of works by Andrey Yakovlevich Eshpai in the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky, along with other actors of theatre and cinema. This year I had to resort to the online version. My mom singing Tchaikovsky for two voices and songs Eshpai. His symphonic music from childhood, we are addicted. It is so powerful.

you Have a large family. Evgenia raising grandchildren?

— She is a wonderful grandmother. He loves his grandchildren. They have it three. My son Alex has just moved to the fourth year of the Shchukin theatre Institute, learning from a great teacher Nina Dvorzhetsky that their students surrounds an incredible love. Andrei’s mom is very help Alex in her creative development. We are pleased that he studied at the Shchukin taught��e, which was finished my mom. And I had not received, he graduated from GITIS. But a generation later, Alex arrived.

Your daughter will become an actress?

— it is hard to say. They are still small. The eldest is 9 and youngest is 4.

— Evgenia — ephemeral creation, actress, hovering above the ground, or is it hardware?

— my Mother is very economic. They are still in the middle of March were isolated with Andrei Andreevich in the village. There we have a house near the river. The place is awesome. Over the fence — the house of the parents of Andrei Andreevich. You can visit through the gate. Mom is there, ennobling the territory, planting flowers. She loves to bring beauty and a good cook.

What works?

— Pilaf’s galanski. Delicious she salmon crispy slow-cooked. Salad of avocado and crab meat. Mom’s amazing meatballs and salad recipe grandmother. She makes a Sheppard’s salad with feta. Too cool.