The President of the breakaway Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci said that it would arrive July 13 at the Hague, where he will be interrogated on charges of war crimes, 1998-1999.

Previously on 24 June, the Special Prosecutor of international court for crimes in Kosovo (SPO) in the Hague announced the charges against Thaci’s war crimes in 1998-1999. Thaci declared that he would resign if the Special court for crimes in the Hague approves indictment against him for war crimes.

"Dear citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, I want to inform you that on Monday (July 13 – ed.) I will travel to the Hague at the invitation of the office of the Special Prosecutor (international court for crimes in Kosovo – ed.) for conversation" – Thaci wrote in Facebook.

During 2018-2019, up to 200 former fighters of the Kosovo Albanian "Kosovo Liberation army" has been called to testify in cases of war crimes in the Hague. Among them, the former warlord and former"Premier" Ramush Haradinaj, who, on 19 July 2019 resigned and then voluntarily went to the Hague, but used the right to remain silent, and then returned to Pristina.

In the Netherlands you have previously created a Special international court and the Special Prosecutor for crimes in Kosovo in 1998-1999, reported willingness to work in July 2017. The starting point of their action was the report of the special representative of the Council of Europe dick Marty in 2010, is devoted to crimes of the KLA. Among the most serious of cases – drug trafficking, kidnapping, trafficking in organs. Spectacular Jack Smith in late October of 2018 visited Pristina, but before any charges was not nominated.

In 1999, armed confrontation between the Albanian separatists of the "Kosovo Liberation army" and the army and police of Serbia led to the bombing of Yugoslavia (then consisting of Serbia and Montenegro) NATO forces. Kosovo Albanian structures in Pristina on 17 February 2008 unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. The self-proclaimed Republic does not recognize Serbia, Russia, China, Israel, Iran, Spain, Greece and several other States.