The people of Japan will distribute the money due to coronavirus

The Japanese authorities hand out money to the residents of the country in the fight against the coronavirus. The allowance will amount to 100 thousand yen (926 USD), according to Bloomberg.

According to the original plan, an allowance of 300 thousand yen were to receive only the most affected by the coronavirus citizens who could confirm the loss of income due to the pandemic. But then the authorities decided to expand the support program, and is now on welfare can claim all the people of Japan.

Details of the updated program are still being worked out, but we know that the solution to Tokyo can triple the cost of the project, says the Agency.

Japan was the first country which thought about direct grant support of the population on the background of the coronavirus. Earlier plans to introduce an unconditional basic income is reported, for example, Spain. In the US the Democrats are offering a monthly give every American over the age of 16 for 2 thousand dollars.

The Russian government will allocate free of charge to small and medium businesses money on issuing wages to employees to prevent a strong growth of unemployment.