In Europe, found a convenient and profitable way to get rid of surplus industrial potatoes destined for disposal. According to the Ukrainian edition “Корреспондент.net” with reference to the portal “East Fruit”, the market Square has been the remains of such a “European” root.

Earlier it was reported that in the Netherlands and Belgium, has accumulated more than two million tons of potatoes because of the epidemic of the coronavirus, which stopped the majority of enterprises for the production of fries. Designed for recycling the products that are planned to be used only for production was bought up by wholesalers and brought to market “the great agricultural power of Ukraine”.

it is Noted that Ukrainian buyers have paid for the goods at 30-35 cents, or 8 to 9 hryvnia per kilogram. These prices were comparable with the cost of potatoes, which grows in most of the former breadbasket of the Soviet Union.

Recall that in the Netherlands the government has allocated 50 million Euro to support victims of the situation of producers and processors of potatoes. In the rich black soil of Ukraine citizens have from their own pockets to pay for “negotiatione” European agricultural products. However, inferior products from the EU to Ukrainian consumers clearly are not used to. So, imported to Ukraine from Poland in early may chicken, authorities discovered Salmonella.