a “In our country the highest degree of mortality. We do not stand the onslaught. I ask you to help.” “Our country faced a real risk of a humanitarian catastrophe”. These are all quotes from appeals to the Russian leadership from members of the public of the countries of Central Asia. The citizens of these countries shocked by the effectiveness with which Russia cope with the disease.

Epidemic COVID-19 struck Central Asia in the spring. But if at the first stage when you enter the quarantine, the situation was brought under control, then after the relief came a surge of patients in the severe form. Every day recorded hundreds, if not thousands of new infections in each of the former Soviet republics.

In Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the situation is tolerable. Separately, there is Turkmenistan, where the authorities deny the existence COVID-19 in the country, becoming on par with North Korea on this indicator. And here in the first place should pay attention to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan – these are the most open countries (also included in the EAEC) did not hide the statistics on the number of infected and therefore immediately topped the ranking in number of cases per capita.

The catastrophic situation in Bishkek, which was crowded not only the hospitals and observation, but also temporary hospitals. Authorities open new points for the reception of patients, but they also quickly filled. Not enough, not only exhausted to the limit of doctors, but also required medication, the pharmacy inflated prices for those drugs that are still left. But even at exorbitant prices is not always possible to buy as a new party in the pharmacies are selling out quickly.

High demand has largely arisen because hospitals, too, formed an acute shortage of medicines. Yes there are medications the doctors can’t refuse even bandages, they are brought by volunteers. On the other hand, treated at home thousands of patients with pneumonia across the country sweep in pharmacies the necessary drugs.

About the people’s indignation absence of drugs heard at the top. For emergency transportation of drugs decided to use a Board № 1, in which the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Kubatbek Boronov arrived in Minsk (for participation in the meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council). During the return flight, the Prime Minister decided to carry 5.4 tons of drugs, which was kindly provided by the Belarusians.

“Therefore, the government of Kyrgyzstan has provided support to domestic pharmaceutical companies to deliver medicines to meet the increased demand. These drugs will be available to the public at affordable prices”, – have informed in the government of Kyrgyzstan.

Pneumonia or coronavirus?

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan were previously the leaders in the number of cases in the region, but after ka�� combined statistics of patients with coronavirus and pneumonia, the number of infected people has increased almost twice. Because, according to most doctors, observed their pneumonia is a direct consequence of the virus COVID-19, which for some reason do not detect local tests.

This, in particular, agree with the Russian doctors, who in the Kazakhstani city of Uralsk help local hospitals. They had seen similar symptoms in patients who previously have been treated in Russia.

“we Have had infections of such type. Was diagnosed as coronavirus pneumonia without confirmation of PCR,” – said the medic Sergey Drachuk.

Maybe it’s just the opinion of foreign doctors has pushed the authorities to recognize the bitter truth: the patients are actually much more, the tests are often wrong and give a false negative for the coronavirus.

For the treatment of pneumonia in severe need of medical equipment, which before the epidemic is not always enough. Privately his parcels sent, even from Western Europe. Most labour migrants in Russia, and largely from Moscow private parcels are sent the medications home. The social network clogged with proposals to organize such delivery.

Russia from the very beginning of the epidemic at the state level is helping its allies in the region. Supplying needed humanitarian aid, which is due to the jump in cases is still in short supply. From the latest news, you can highlight the messages from July 18, when the government of Kyrgyzstan has announced a new batch of humanitarian aid from Russia, which should come soon. This 31, a ventilator, 70 bedside monitors, five mobile x-ray machines, six ultrasound machines and equipment (0.5 million surgical masks).

Here and there

The greater number of cases, the more contrast is obtained when comparing medicine in Russia, where the epidemic went into decline, and shortages in medicines did not exist. So, the journalist Yury Dorokhov, coming from Kazakhstan to Russia, shared in the social network their experiences.

“in the first hours after entrance to Russia from Kazakhstan, I experienced a real shock. A feeling that went back to the rear of the combat zone. People relaxed, calm. No particular stress was observed. Went to the pharmacy – another shock. Has it ALL. However, according to recipes. I had a wild desire to buy the entire pharmacy and sent to Alma-ATA”.

Also, according to Dorokhov, Russia theme coronavirus pales into insignificance, can not be said about the neighbouring state. “Kazakhstan Facebook tape I have looks like this: curses, complaints and obituaries. Russian tape: vacation, excitement in Khabarovsk, reset, prikolchiki, but we went to the cafe… In Alma-ATA with whoever you talk to, the first or the second theme – coronavirus. Have I just a bunch of friends are sick Kovalam or the notorious strange pneumonia. PAH-PAH, of acquaintances, all alive, but many dead friends or relatives.”

But the answer to the questions why this happens and why such a big contrast between the neighbouring countries, a journalist can not give.

“I don’t know why. What Russia is fundamentally different from Kazakhstan’s political structure? No. There do not take bribes, don’t steal? It is ridiculous to even answer this question. But the difference in the epidemiological situation enormous. Discussing with the Russian Kazakhs, people who are in the subject in both countries, suggested that, perhaps, influenced mass PCR testing for RF (although not without complaints, but the test to pass – no question). Can be preserved and epidemiological school. Maybe it was just luck. I don’t know the answer to this question,” summarizes Dorokhov.

A similar contrast is noticed in Kyrgyzstan, this is particularly in the same Facebook wrote Elvira Oskonbaev.

“I Have many friends living throughout Russia. So, talk to them, tell you about the situation that is happening to us, and warn them. Say, what to drink, what insidious this virus, and they tell me, we have more than three months, drinking the blood thinners, vitamin C and all vitamins. Walk, run, play sports. Went patronage, recommend, explained how the virus behaves. The Ministry of health (Russian Federation) recommends, there is a treatment regimen at different currents of the disease. These diagrams are drawn over six months ago! For more than six months ago, realized the guile of this virus is not high temperature, and the formation of blood clots due to thickening of blood! Now the question is, why do we not know this?! Why the Ministry of health (CU) is not recommended? Why not go to the people and not told how to behave? We stupidly sat on the quarantine and booze! So we were not knowledgeable over and prevention of the disease”, – asks Oskonbaev.

In her opinion, the lion’s share of responsibility for the current situation lies with the authorities of Kyrgyzstan.

Moscow will help

The more critical the situation becomes, the more you ask for outside help. At the same meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin reminded Mikhail Mishustin about the difficult situation in the country, noting that Kazakhstan followed the Russian test of the vaccine, and asked about supplies out of the lineup.

“Most importantly, we have obtained competence of Russian doctors who came, worked and work in different regions of Kazakhstan”.

“In this regard, we expect that when to start commercial production of the vaccine so that Kazakhstan had the opportunity to purchase a batch of vaccine among the first countries, had the opportunity to apply among the population. This is a very it is important” – quoted Kazakh Prime Minister RIA Novosti.

In neighboring Kyrgyzstan went further and began to appeal directly to Vladimir Putin in private. Well-known TV presenter has recorded a video message for the Russian President.

“Dear Mr. President of Russian Federation. Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! The country’s humanitarian catastrophe: there is not enough medical equipment, ventilator, oxygen concentrators, medical supplies, professional staff. We know that Russia gave worthy repulse a fierce enemy, coronavirus, creating medication, and also by establishing production PPE, building a hospital. We ask You to help the people of Kyrgyzstan. In our country the highest degree of mortality. We do not stand the onslaught. I ask you to help,” said Moldokmatova.

After a couple of days a group of Kyrgyz political scientists sent an open letter to President Putin with a request to assist the Republic in the form of supplies of a promising vaccine.

“Our country faced a real risk of a humanitarian catastrophe in connection with the increasing growth of the pandemic coronavirus. Unfortunately, the efforts of the authorities and public organizations in combating the spread of COVID-19 do not allow to bring the situation under control. Impact failures in developing strategies to counter the pandemic, institutional weakness and the unwillingness of the health care system to fight against it, corruption of many officials and government agencies. We would like to along with the Russian Federation, application of the new anti-virus tool at a time would have started in Kyrgyzstan”, – said in the appeal.

While the vaccine is not invented, patients are treated in the old way and curse the authorities for helplessness in case of an emergency. And hope for Russia’s help.