the Mayor has imposed a state of emergency on 12 March, and the situation was constantly extended every month. The document States that this decision is consistent with the orders of the state Governor, Andrew Cuomo, Fox News reports. However, during a pandemic, the Governor and the mayor have repeatedly demonstrated a different approach in the fight against COVID-19.

Before signing the Executive order, de Blasio has criticized Cuomo for his call to the rich people of new York to return to the city amid continuing outbreaks of disease and rising crime. Cuomo promised the billionaires who have abandoned their luxury apartments in Manhattan and fled to the suburbs rich in closed, invite them to a fancy dinner at your own expense, if they return in the empty house.

“as for these people, we don’t make decisions based on the opinions of a wealthy few,” said de Blasio, adding that he was concerned when he learned that the idea of the head of the state of new York. The mayor-a Democrat has threatened to tax the rich even more taxes if the Federal government does not do more to help the city, which is experiencing its most severe financial crisis in decades.