The Premier League has been in the grip of a new corona-three. Manchester City defender Kyle Walker is under fire after he was at the moment just the two of escortedames words, during a hard on in his apartment. And as if that wasn’t enough, ” the ploegmakker of Kevin De Bruyne to his Instagram followers a little later on, “in order to be sure to stay at home”. One of the ladies center of the confession in the tabloidkrant The Sun . Manchester City will start in the next few days to investigate.

as of the 24th of march, are in the united Kingdom there are strict lockdownmaatregelen of the number of the corona of the victims, as much as possible. It’s hard on Kyle Walker’s is, in other words, is heavily opposed to any such necessary health measures. Ironically, early in the Walker for a few hours after the fact, his 1.7 million Instagram followers to see the measures taken by the government are correct to do so. “Stay inside, wash your hands, stay out of the action to follow. These are difficult times, but we need to think about the health of the elderly, and to make sure that the virus will continue to spread”, she said.

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This e-mail message on Instagram

?? #StayHomeSaveLives.

A message that is shared in by Kyle Walker (@kylewalker2) on.

you can Now turn these words, therefore, like a boomerang returning into the face of a Walker. The 21-year-old Louise McNamara, one of the girls, brought up in the news in the Sunday tabloid newspaper, The Sun, to the outside. She took the picture, and that there is sufficient evidence that there was any doubt, there could have been. In one photo you can see how Walker’s the money that counts, on the picture we can see a football player in a bare-chested. “Also, it would be better to know about it. First, he invites strangers to have sex with him in his home, and the next day it spells everything in the lesson in order to be sure to stay at home. He is a hypocrite, and puts people in danger,” said the Brazilian, full of anguish at The Sun.

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Louise McNamara Photo: The Sun. Walker has made his money. Photo: Louise McNamara

Now, it is a scandal that the media has been reached, the 29-year-old defender, from a variety of angles, severely put to the test. Meanwhile, it was the English international that we’ll never have to apologize to his fans around the world .”I would like to apologize for the issues that last week I did it,” said Walker in a statement. “I’m well aware of the fact that I, as a professional footballer, a role model, and am certain of the responsibilities are to wear.”

to His employer, Manchester City, had in the meantime been called “very, very disappointed in the attitude of the Walker. The club will start in the next few days for an internal investigation.

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