In all, about twenty in Flemish residential care centres there are, the larger the outbreak of the corona virus. This is attested to George Moonens from the Agency for Care and Health. In the sheltered Den, Bogaet in the Grimbergen municipality of Humbeek,, is the state in the past few days, seriously. That said, mayor Chris Selleslagh from strombeek-bever. Several patients have passed away, some of the nurses are sick, and is now the director of the hospital. The church cross is now helping to do just that, and Monday is going to be a crisis manager to get started.

In The Bogaet staying for 120 residents. Over the past few days, there are only four of them have died from the effects of the virus, while two of the men are still in critical condition in the hospital there. Also, some of the employees became ill, and recently, also the executive director of the residential care complex, with symptoms are admitted to the hospital.

“It was a one-man business, and due to the absence of the director, there was just no one who’s in charge,” says mayor Chris Selleslagh. “There is, however, a person who is a temporary crisis manager, and Monday is the beginning of a new crisis manager at work, such as the Agency for Care and Health. A number of medical doctors have already been offered help from the church, we have a number of things put into it. The company has sought, and found, that, as of Monday, it will have to go to work. We will also look at whether we have the administrative support to be able to offer, even if it was just someone with the phone can answer it, so the other staff don’t have to do that.”

George Moonens will explain that each day a report is in from of the homes is about the number of people, and of people symptoms. It turns out that there are currently twenty homes with greater numbers of that country. “That’s not to say that all of them are in trouble. Some of the boards will have no staffing problems, and others,” said he. On the basis of the assessments, and the Agency for Health Care yourself, please contact the homes to have the situation evaluated.

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