The US President Donald trump has studied the circumstances of the death of an African-American George Floyd during the arrest police in Minneapolis and described the actions of the officers as the person being attacked.

The White House noted that the Ministry of justice is closely involved in the work of Floyd and expressed regret over the conduct of the policemen on the background of the fact that most of their colleagues approach their work conscientiously. Trump said it was hard for him to watch a videotape made during the arrest, the men shortly before his death.

"I was very sorry to see this. We know that most police are doing a wonderful fantastic job. But it was a terrible attack by the police," said the politician, according to RIA Novosti.

Wrote earlier, former US President Barack Obama said that the circumstances of the death of George Floyd should be carefully studied, as the country should not be a place for racism. After the death of Floyd in Minneapolis riots broke out. The authorities even had to declare a state of emergency. A President Donald trump called the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey’s “very weak”