the head of the administration of the President of Brazil Walter Braga Netto said on Monday that he had identified COVID-19. He became the seventh high-ranking official in the government of Zaire Bolsonaro experiencing a new type of coronavirus.

“the head of the Civil Chancellery of the President of Brazil with the rank of Minister Braga Neto on Monday received positive test results COVID-19. It feels good symptoms are observed. He will remain in isolation until the results of new testing and medical examinations. Up until this moment, he will continue to work in a remote mode”, – says the official statement of the presidential administration.

Braga Netto became the seventh Minister in the government of Brazil, which revealed COVID-19. The two Ministers had contracted the coronavirus in early March after returning from the United States, where they flew in the delegation accompanying President Aira of Bolsonaro. The five Ministers the disease is detected after positive results on COVID-19 was announced by the head of state. Last week, the coronavirus revealed and first lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

According to the Ministry of health of Brazil on the third of August, with Feb the coronavirus in the country revealed that 2.75 million people, 1.9 million already recovered in 94.7 thousands died. For the last day here ill 16,6 thousand people, 561 the Brazilian died.