Exit from the pen gates the next book (in 2007 and 2014, he published his memoirs “From the shadows” and “Duty: Memoirs of Minister of war”, and in 2017, released “Passion for leadership”) was exactly on the midst of an unprecedented internal crisis in the US caused as the aggravated racial contradictions, and accumulated in American society socio-economic and political distortions. In this sense, the monitoring, evaluation and conclusions about the causes of the degradation of American influence in the world had an opportunity to work in the White house and the Republican and the democratic administrations of the United States “foreign policy realist” are very curious.

So, the cause of many problems that now face the United States, found themselves unable to assume the role of a world leader is “the inability of politicians to understand the complexity of American power, its wider implications and limits”. According to gates, it is Washington’s foreign policy, especially the excessive emphasis on military force and an emphasis on militarism led to such disastrous results. In particular, the former Pentagon chief said the rejection of the withdrawal of us troops from Afghanistan in 2002. However, after 18 years of very costly war with the Taliban and fruitless attempts to instill democracy in Afghanistan, it’s obvious. “Despite all our good intentions, the American experience in Afghanistan was not different from foreigners that preceded us, including the UK and Russia,” belatedly realizes is the author of “using the power”.

Recall that gates received in 1974 from Georgetown University and a doctorate in Russian history, was an ardent fighter against the USSR – to Soviet direction, he worked at Langley for several decades until 1991 he headed the CIA. Now the main concerns of professional intelligence related to China. After all, with Beijing, predicts Robert gates in the coming years will unfold an acute rivalry. Thus U.S. national interests dictate the need to “behave wisely and to avoid direct military conflict.”

However, just to him, Washington was almost ready: it is military muscle to solve foreign policy problems in the last several US administrations have pumped in priority relative to all other instruments. “The successful use of power is not limited to the use of military force or the ability to force concessions, but must include diplomacy, Economics, strategic communication, assist in the development, exploration, technology, ideology, and cyber capabilities,” writes gates. However, all these are critical to ensure leadership in the world of non-military means were to make a mistake��but weakened in the last three decades, contrasts with the author. And not to blame only the former and current presidents of the United States, but the us Congress, which bears a “heavy responsibility” for the decline in the funding and effectiveness of “soft power” of America.

Here is attentive American and not just the reader you have to wonder: where was the Robert gates while he mentioned the levers of American power, slowly but surely degraded? After all, this comes from the Republican camp, held in “Washington regional Committee” – the center of key decision – high office since the days of President Reagan, then under both Bushes and, finally, under the Obama administration. And being on the post of Pentagon chief from 2006 to 2011, loyally spent now criticize them “wrong” militaristic foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan that together with the other gross failures of the US eventually brought the vaunted American global leadership in the deadlock.

“I think today, the United States weaker in the international arena than a few years ago”, – commented on the release of his new book National public radio (NPR) Robert gates. This vivid painting in American foreign policy incompetence, it is necessary to understand to a large extent he had a hand himself.

on Monday, U.S. President Donald trump said that sales of books by his former national security adviser John Bolton may result in criminal prosecution of the former high-ranking employee of the White house. With him at the trump completely spoiled relationship first on the basis of foreign policy disagreements, and then the decision of Bolton to publish their politically explosive memories of working in the current US administration.

the publication of the memoirs of this famous supporter of the neoconservative approach to American foreign policy called “the Room where it happened” is scheduled for June 23, but trump is sure that they contain confidential information are required to prohibit their publication and author threatened with court.

“I’ll count every conversation with me as President, particularly sensitive. I mean if he wrote a book, and she came out, he broke the law, and I believe that he may have criminal problems. I hope so,” said the White house reporters.

the Main reason for dissatisfaction with trump’s disclosure Bolton details of the “Ukrainian dossier.” According to leaks to the media, the author describes in detail how he, along with Secretary of state and the head of the Pentagon in August of last year personally expressed to Trump doubts about the “freeze” has been approved by the U.S. Congress for military assistance to Ukraine. He received a direct order to delay the allocation of funds to Kiev until Ukrainian authorities will not help with RA��following in relation to the current democratic candidate for President of the USA Joe Biden. In the opinion of political opponents of Donald trump, is an abuse of the American leader with his official authority that may affect the current presidential campaign in the United States.

Sam Bolton claims to have fulfilled all requirements for pre-censorship of his literary works on the subject of disclosure of state secrets. In the administration trump have diametrically opposed opinions. “This is unprecedented. I don’t know of any books that would be published so quickly, and while officials still hold places in the government. We are talking about specific events, particular leaders and political issues, which are now classified,” said U.S. attorney General William Barr.

“the Unauthorized disclosure of classified information can be used by a foreign power and cause significant harm to the national interests of the United States,” made a final warning to the White house counsel, and urged to return the draft monograph for re-analysis. Will the “hawk”-Bolton at this step or decide to pour a “political pepper” to his former boss on the eve of the presidential election, will be known next week.