Department of internal security of Lebanon was published by the information from the preliminary assessment of damage to housing stock as a result of explosion in the port. PE led to complete or partial destruction 3 972 buildings of Beirut, is also damaged 4 214 cars.

police stepped up patrols of the neighborhoods where located a damaged structure. “After the detention of 40 people, engaged in looting, these blocks provide an additional squad of the gendarmerie” – quoted by TASS message.

According to the Director of the world health organization (who) Richard Brennan, in Beirut nonfunctional more than 50% of clinics and medical centers. Member of the crisis headquarters of the municipality of Beirut Stroke Bush said that the greatest material damage received three large hospital. The serious damage observed in the old quarters of the Christian part of Beirut Gomezi and Mar Mikael. This is where the focus now the main force of volunteers participating in the demolition debris. Without housing in the capital remains 300 thousand people.

we will Remind, explosion in the port of Beirut rocked the fourth of August. The cause of the tragedy was ignited during welding work more than 2.7 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate. According to the latest data, 171 people died, suffered about six thousand, dozens unaccounted for.